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Revenue360 Patient Insurance Eligibility Module

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Clients Say

“Provider Advantage’s eligibility solution has helped us to increase upfront collections by identifying co-pays and deductibles for over ten years." says Danielle Pieloch, Director of Patient Access -Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton

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A Few Top Benefits...

  • Eliminate claim rejections
  • Easily collect patient copays & deductibles based on the eligibility response
  • Locate unknown Medicaid coverage for self pay patients
  • Identify Medicare Advantage coverage


Insurance Eligibility Verification Module Reduces Collection Time

Revenue360 Eligibility Guidance

Top Features:

  • Real-time access to 550+ payers
  • HIPAA compliant processing (5010A1 270/271)
  • Integrated & Standalone Insurance Verification all in a single platform
  • Response-Based Intelligent Guidance directs staff followup
  • Dynamic Worklists & Search tools help manage your verification process
  • Automatically locate retroactive insurance coverage with the Revenue360 Reinquiry Module (RIM)

The Revenue360® Insurance Eligibility Verification Module initiates a real-time 270 eligibility request at the earliest point in the registration and scheduling process, returning customized 271 benefit information to your revenue cycle team – all based on your specific business rules.

Integrated with your hospital information systems, verifying insurance at the point of service allows your staff to collect co-pays and deductibles immediately while improving staff efficiency. 

This presentation highlights key advantages of the Revenue360 Eligibility Module. 

Revenue360® can connect to any health plan that offers real-time eligibility transactions or website eligibility access. No need to spend additional time on the phone waiting for verification or switching to payer websites to gather the information and re-enter into your registration system. And, no need to wade through the pages and pages of benefit information which slows down registration, creates errors and can delay claim payment.

Integrates with any Hospital Information System, including:

Epic Cerner QuadraMed
(Affinity & QES)
(Optimum, Patcom & Insight)
(Magic & Client/ Server)
SMS / MedSeries4 GE Centricity CPSI

With Revenue360 insurance eligibility is verified for every patient, every time, within seconds, improving your cash flow!

Revenue360 270/271 Eligibility Verification Payer List

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